Attending the Void

12 September – 3 November 2019

Dilek Winchester’s solo exhibition Attending the Void consists of a site-specific installation by the same name that spans across the ground floor of Depo. Following meetings and correspondence with 89 people between May and September 2019, 81 pedestals borrowed from 44 different locations were brought together in the exhibition space. These pedestals coming from 44 different art institutions and organisations including museums, exhibition and research centers, galleries, artists’ initiatives, not-for-profit art spaces, art initiatives without permanent spaces, as well as boards and bodies organizing student exhibits are featured in the exhibition as a representation of the ‘public space’ the arts create.
The list of institutions and individuals acting as intermediaries is an artist-centered, subjective list, defined by the artist in the following words: “It is comprised of institutions, initiatives, organisations I have been involved in, nourished by or worked with as an artist, did research on, those that exhibited artworks of mine or my friends, which I have followed as an art viewer, whose influences I observed on my own artistic production, which I wrote or expressed opinions on – which, in short, populate my world, as structures that constitute the public I am part of.”