Homage To Emin Barın

Emin Barın (1913 – 1987) is one of the very few artists who produced calligraphic work using Latin alphabet. Homage to Emin Barın is an installation in three parts and is based on the reinterpretation of Barın’s different works.

The first part, which is divided into two sections titled as There is no need to read or understand these writings anymore * They have turned into pictures*, consists of copies of Barın’s 6 calligraphy works and 6 different segments taken from each of these works painted on canvas. The information used in these work is taken from the catalogue of Barın’s exhibition at Fine Arts Academy in Istanbul in 1978.

The second part of the installation Sanatsız Sanatkar consists of the photos of an open-air sculpture that is still located in Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University and its replica. The cubic sculpture is designed by Sadi Çalık and the text on its surface is designed by Emin Barın.

The last section Maşallah RGB includes the photo of Emin Barin’s Maşallah sculpture, that is commissioned by Koc Family for the opening of the Bosphorus Bridge in 1973 and a light box. By juxtaposing the photo and the light box, artist refers to the current lighting of the Bosphorus Bridge.